Intro to Watersports

A camp for the groms!This is the perfect camp for the Grom (campers age 6-8 years old) looking to ease their way into the world of watersports. With lower camper to counselor ratios, a heavy focus on water safety, and a variety of different water contact experiences, younger campers are sure to enjoy our newest level of fun on the water.

Intro to Watersports!

Intro To Watersports

Campers in the Intro To Watersports Camp will spend the week becoming aclimated to the watersports setting. Each day's activities are designed to orient campers ages 6-8 on all aspects of watersports including the marine environment, creatures, currents, and safety. The schedule includes kayaking, surfing, playing beach games, and other activities to make learning watersports fun! This is a great option for younger campers who want a variety each day, or just want to become more comfortable on and around the water!

Intro To Watersports Schedule:


Intro to Water Safety: creatures & currents, helping others, camper code of conduct & Swim Test.


Beach Day! Intro to tides and waves, how to catch waves, sand games, and boogieboarding.


Kayaking: how to kayak, importance of teamwork, importance of life jackets, paddle adventure in Mission Bay.


Marine Science Adventure! Campers will learn about San Diego’s marine life, exploring the Mission Bay habitat, dissecting squid and dogfish, and learning about the San Diego watershed.


Surf Day! After a week-long acclimation to watersports activities, Groms will have the opportunity to play beach games, head out to the ocean, learn how to  pop-up on a surfboard, and ride some waves!